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Ripple Effect Video Contest Announced

The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing Announces Ripple Effect Video Contest for Rhode Island High School Students

Contest to draw attention to coastline and waterways of Rhode Island

Top submissions earn a spot as a media crew member for a day on board an Atlantic Cup race boat in the Inshore Series in Narragansett Bay.March 6, 2014 - The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing is pleased to announce the Ripple Effect Video Contest in conjunction with newportFILM, Clean Ocean Access and Sailors for the Sea. Atlantic Cup race organizers along with Joe Cooper, a former America’s Cup sailor, high school coach, and consultant for Hood Sailmakers, created the Ripple Effect Video Contest to raise awareness for Rhode Island’s coastline and waterways as told through the eyes of Rhode Island’s high school students. Top video submissions will have the opportunity to be a videographer for a day on board one of the Class 40 boats in the Atlantic Cup during its Newport stopover, May 23rd and 24th. In addition, the top three finalist videos will be shown at the newportFILM Atlantic Cup co-event on May 22, 2014 held at the Newport Shipyard. The Atlantic Cup is the U.S.’ only dedicated Class 40 race and is designed to grow the audience for short-handed, offshore racing with hard fought competition and exciting shore based events. Held annually in May, the race travels the eastern seaboard stopping in three iconic cities: Charleston, New York and Newport. Since its inception, 11th Hour Racing has been the Atlantic Cup’s presenting sponsor helping to grow it into the most sustainable sailing race in the United States. Students interested in submitting a video for judging will be asked to create a video essay and/or documentary on the following statement: “I live in Rhode Island, the Ocean State.” Each student video must explore an issue facing the ocean, bays, inlets, rivers or marshes in Rhode Island and why that issue is important to the filmmaker. The Ripple Effect Video Contest is open to any Rhode Island high school student. Sailing and filmmaking experience are not required to submit an entry. Videos may be up to five minutes in length and may be filmed in any format the filmmaker chooses. Atlantic Cup Race Director Hugh Piggin stated, “In addition to being the most environmentally sustainable sailing race in the U.S., the Atlantic Cup is designed to bring offshore sailing to a wider audience through the use of multi-media. When Joe Cooper approached us with this idea, it was a natural fit. We are delighted to showcase Rhode Island’s aspiring filmmakers while calling attention to the waterways we all live and play on.” Joe Cooper stated, “The Atlantic Cup is the model sailing race demonstrating to Rhode Islanders ways of using our waterways and leaving as small an impact on the water as we can. I’d like the Ripple Effect Video Contest to bring Rhode Island high school students deeper into the circle of stewardship of our local waterways and the larger ocean environment. Rhode Island students will grow up and live in what my generation leaves behind so I hope the contest will inspire them to be more aware of the local waters and how to treat them.”

The Atlantic Cup’s Ripple Effect Video Contest Official RulesVideo Submission Content Requirements "I live in Rhode Island, the Ocean State.” Explore this statement with regard to the parameters noted below and create a video essay or documentary no longer than five (5) minutes in length.

  1. The subject is a visual discussion/presentation of an issue facing the ocean, bays, inlets marshes, rivers and creeks that comprise such a large part of RI.

  2. You can explore any aspect or issue that you feel is important to you, including one, or a relevant combination of: community use of the waters, pollution, wildlife, human access to the water, green energy, recycling, the threat to wildlife habitats by humans, future threats or opportunities. In short we want your take on the things that you think about with respect to the water’s of RI.

  3. Submissions should discuss the sustainability and possible outcomes involved in the issue.Official Rules

  4. The contest is free to participate in and open to any high school student, be they in a public, private or home schooled, in the state of Rhode Island.

  5. The video duration can be up to five (5) minutes. Longer submissions will not be accepted.

  6. Prior to film submission, students must register by filling out the registration form and emailing it to

  7. Once registered participants will be sent information on how to upload their video submission.

  8. Video submissions can be made any time prior to the entry deadline of 6:00pm EDT, April 25, 2014.

  9. The student/s will be required to sign a declaration stating their video is a substantially original work created by them and that they took the leading role in the production.

  10. For students under 18, a parent, legal guardian or teacher will be required to co-sign this declaration.

  11. A maximum of three students may collaborate on a submission.

  12. Only one (1) video may be submitted per student or team.

  13. The completed video must be in the hands of the Atlantic Cup Management no later than 6:00 pm EDT, April 25, 2014.

  14. The number of Finalists selected will be equal to the number of Atlantic Cup boats sailing in the Inshore Series Saturday and Sunday May 24 and 25, 2014.

  15. Students may use their submitted video in any non-commercial environment (i.e. personal website, Facebook, portfolio).

  16. All video submissions become the sole property of the Manuka Sports Event Management and The Atlantic Cup.Judging:

  17. Judging will take place April 28-30, 2014.

  18. The judging panel will be made up of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) judges.

  19. A minimum of two (2) judges will be from organizations outside Manuka Sports Event Management and The Atlantic Cup.

  20. The judging panel will be appointed at the discretion of the Manuka Sports Event Management.

  21. Finalists will be announced on or about May 10, 2014 during the Atlantic Cup race start in Charleston, SC.

  22. The decision of the judges is final.Awards:

  23. Each of the Finalists will have the option of being on board an Atlantic Cup race boat during the Inshore Series as a Media Crew Member.

  24. The three (3) finalist videos receiving the highest number of votes will be shown at the newportFILM Atlantic Cup co-event Thursday, May 22, 2014.

  25. The Media Crew Member position will be a non-sailing role and students will be asked to film and share their experience.

  26. Prior to sailing, each Media Crew Member will be given a safety briefing and instructional overview.

  27. If more than one student works on a video, all students will be recognized, but only one student per day will be on board as a Media Crew Member. It will be the responsibility of the team to determine which student will be an on board media crew member each day.

  28. The Media Crew Member student will be provided with a video camera and will be required to shoot footage onboard during the day. The Atlantic Cup retains the rights to any footage filmed by the Media Crew Member.

  29. For Finalists who do not wish to sail, the (non-Sailing) winner will, as an alternative prize, receive an Atlantic Cup Jacket and an opportunity to video the land based events. All Finalists will receive an Atlantic Cup T-shirt and a Certificate of Accomplishment.

  30. All Finalist videos will be posted on the sustainability page of the Atlantic Cup website and The Atlantic Cup’s YouTube channel.

  31. Manuka Sports Event Management and The Atlantic Cup reserve the right to show Finalist videos at their discretion.Registration:

  32. Registration is free.

  33. By registering you are under no obligation to submit a film.

  34. Please complete the form on the next page and email it to: with Ripple Effect in the subject line.

  35. Upon receipt of your registration an Atlantic Cup representative will send you a link with instructions on how to upload your completed film for submission.

  36. As a reminder all film submissions must be received by 6:00pm EDT April 25, 2014.

  37. As a reminder, if there is more than one filmmaker it will be the responsibility of the filmmakers to determine who will be an on board media crew member on each day of inshore racing.

Please click HERE to download a registration form.