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The Atlantic Cup - America's Class40 Race

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#54 - Dragon Returns to the Water After Hitting Rock in 2014 Atlantic Cup Inshore Series

Two months after hitting a rock #54 Dragon returns to the water

Michael Hennessy will race Dragon in the Ida Lewis Distance Race to start on Friday, August 15, 2014NEWPORT, R.I. – For the first time since May 24th, #54 Dragon went back into the water on Sunday, August 10th. In the 2014 Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing, #54 – Dragonwas tied for first and leading the first race of the Inshore Series en route to the first mark when they hit a rock just off Jamestown. The team withdrew from the remainder of racing and motored back to the Newport Shipyard to assess the damage. Skipper and owner Michael Hennessy decided to keep the boat at the Newport Shipyard for the repair process, which took just over two months, but was not nearly as bad as initially thought. Dragon skipper Michael Hennessy: "I am thrilled to have Dragon back in the water and sailing.  The damage from the accident looked dramatic, with fairing material displaced and the lead of the bulb banged up so immediately following the accident we spent several weeks intensively testing the hull, mast and keel to determine the full extent of the damage.  The good news was that following a testing process that involved radiography, ultrasound and thermal imaging we were able to determine that the actual damage to the composite of the hull was contained, not very extensive and represented a relatively straightforward repair.  The team from Carbon Ocean Yacht did a fantastic job at returning Dragon back to fighting condition, even better than new." Hennessy will compete in the Ida Lewis Distance Race set to start tomorrow, August 15, 2014. Photos of the repair process can all be found on the Dragon Ocean Racing Facebook page here: Video of Dragon hitting the rock can be seen here: