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The Atlantic Cup - America's Class40 Race

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#118 Bodacious Dream Wins 2012 NYC-Newport Leg

Jamestown, R.I. Boat #118 Bodacious Dream wins Second Leg,

New York Harbor to Newport, R.I., of

The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing

Mare holds a slim overall Atlantic Cup lead over Bodacious Dream (2nd) and

Campagne De France (3rd) heading into Newport  Inshore Series May 26-27, Final Prize Giving NEWPORT, R.I. –The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing completed its second and final leg of offshore racing with #118 Bodacious Dream, skippered by Dave Rearick and Matt Scharl, crossing the finish line first with an elapsed time of 38:06:34 on Monday, May 21, to complete the 231 nautical mile leg from New York Harbor to Newport, R.I.. The race, featuring an unprecedented international fleet of 14 Class 40s competing in the first carbon neutral sailing event ever held in the United States, saw Bodacious Dream beat out #115 Mare (38:39:41), followed by #101 Campagne De France (38:44:22) and #116 Icarus (39:04:33), with #30 Initiatives (39:36:00) finishing fifth. The second leg of the Atlantic Cup set sail at 11:05 a.m. ET on Saturday, May 19th from New York Harbor en route to Newport Shipyard with international competitors from the USA, France, Great Britain and Germany.  After starting in a light northerly, the teams raced the entire way down the Jersey Shore in short course fleet racing mode. After the turning mark, the boats that were patient and waited for the breeze to shift further east gained on the boats that went north towards Block Island. As a result, those choosing to round Block Island to the east saw that decision pay off. The last five miles to the finish were not without excitement as the tide was against the teams forcing them to tack their way to the finish with Bodacious Dream playing the shift perfectly en route to capturing the victory in the second leg. Bodacious Dream skipper Dave Rearick: “(Co-skipper) Matt (Scharl) called some great tactics once again. I thought we were making a bee line for France and I kept asking when we were going to tack.” Bodacious Dream skipper Matt Scharl: “I knew a week ago we were going to go that far out. We wanted to go east until every boat tacked and then go one mile further.” Asked if they were surprised to be doing this well in their first race with their new boat, Rearick added, “We were hoping to be in the top five, so where we are right now is a real accomplishment. Matt told me a month ago, ‘Dave I’m going to leave you in first before I have to go to my sister’s wedding,’ so he knew.” Video of the first teams to finish can be found here:, with comprehensive results available here: RESULTS FROM THE SECOND LEG OF THE 2012 ATLANTIC CUP: TIME                         POINT     FINISH #118        Bodacious Dream – USA (Dave Rearick, Matt Scharl)                                                          38:06:34                                    2                1st #115        Mare – GER (Jörg Riechers, Charles Euvrete)                                                                           38:39:41                                    4                2nd #101        Campagne De France – FRA (Halvard Mabire, Miranda Merron)                                    38:44:22                                    6                3rd #116        Icarus Racing – USA (Tim Fetsch, Ben Poucher)                                                                     39:04:33                                    8                4th #30           Initiatives – USA   (Emma Creighton, Rob Windsor)                                                               39:36:00                                    10             5th #109        Talan-Bureau Veritas – FRA (Stephane Le Diraison, Jesse Naimark-Rowse)               39:44:04                                    12             6th #106        Gryphon Solo 2 – USA (Joe Harris, Tristan Mougline)                                                           39:58:16                                    14             7th #73           Toothface – USA (Mike Dreese, Ken Luczynski)                                                                     39:59:25                                    16             8th #105        Eole Generation – GDF SUEZ – FRA (Sebastien Rogues, Jeffrey McFarlane)               40:00:37                                    18             9th #54           Dragon – USA (Michael Hennessy, Merf Owen)                                                                    40:08:47                                    20             10th #113        Partouche – FRA (Christophe Coatnoan, Ari Sebag)                                                              40:14:20                                    20             11th #85           Groupe Picoty – FRA (Jacques Fournier, Jean Christophe “JC” Caso)                               40:34:44                                    20             12th #20           Sevenstar Yacht Transport -FRA (Jean Edouard-Criquioche, Anna-Maria Renkin      40:46:13                                    20             13th #17           Transport Cohérence – FRA (Benoît Jouandet, Jorge Madden)                                        41:32:19                                    20             14th #90           40 Degrees – GBR (Hannah Jenner, Peter Harding)                                                               DNS                                              N/A PROVISIONAL COMBINED POINT STANDINGS AFTER FIRST TWO LEGS OF OFFSHORE COMPETITION#115*Mare – GER (JörgRiechers, Ryan Breymaier)6#118Bodacious Dream – USA (Dave Rearick, Matt Scharl)8#101Campagne De France – FRA (Halvard Mabire, Miranda Merron)10#106Gryphon Solo 2 – USA (Joe Harris, Tristan Mougline)22#116Icarus Racing – USA (Tim Fetsch, Ben Poucher)26#105Eole Generation – GDF SUEZ – FRA (Sebastien Rogues, Jeffrey McFarlane)28#30Initiatives – USA (Emma Creighton/Rob Windsor)           30#109*Talan-Bureau Veritas – FRA (Stephane Le Diraison, Jesse Naimark-Rowse)32#20Sevenstar Yacht Transport -FRA (Jean Edouard-Criquioche, Anna-Maria Renkin32#54Dragon – USA (Michael Hennessy, Merf Owen)34#17Transport Cohérence – FRA (Benoît Jouandet, Jorge Madden)36#73Toothface – USA (Mike Dreese, Ken Luczynski)36#85Groupe Picoty – FRA (Jacques Fournier, Jean Christophe “JC” Caso)40#113Partouche – FRA (Christophe Coatnoan, Ari Sebag)40#90**40 Degrees – GBR (Hannah Jenner, Peter Harding)52 *Protest pending between Talan-Bureau Veritas and Mare which, in accordance with the Sailing Instructions, will be heard in Newport, R.I. on Tuesday, May 21, 2012. **40 Degrees retired during Leg #1 after suffering a broken mast and did not start offshore leg 2. SCORING SYSTEM Competitors are awarded points equivalent to double their finishing position in offshore legs, with a maximum of 20 points awarded for finishing. For the inshore races points are designated based on each boat's finishing position (first through 15th). The total of both offshore legs, combined with a boat's best four of five scheduled races in Newport's inshore series, will determine a boat's total score. The boat with the overall lowest point total will crowned the 2012 Atlantic Cup Champion. This evening Newport’s Jane Pickens Theater will host the Atlantic Cup skippers for an evening on short-handed sailing in America. New York Times writer and co-skipper on Dragon, Chris Museler will host the event which starts at 6pm. Skippers will share their ocean racing experiences, discuss the pathways towards successful short-handed sailing careers. Race footage from the first two legs will be shown along with a preview of the upcoming inshore series. The fleet will now dock in Newport Shipyard until the weekend when the 14 teams will compete in an exciting inshore series of races in Narragansett Bay on Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27. Teams will use a crew of six for the five races held in Newport. Immediately following the inshore series the event will culminate at the Newport Shipyard with a Prize Giving Party to disperse the $30,000 purse, one of the largest in U.S. sailing. About The 2012 Atlantic Cup The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing is a dedicated professional Class 40 race held annually in the U.S. with a focus on running an environmentally responsible event. The 2012 edition of the Atlantic Cup starts Friday, May 11th in Charleston, South Carolina and will showcase the top Class 40 sailors in the world as they race a 642 nautical mile off-shore leg double-handed from Charleston around the infamous, Cape Hatteras then north to New York City. Once in New York there will be a brief stopover before competitors start the coastal leg of the race. The coastal leg will take competitors along the same course as the 2011 race: 231 nautical miles, south out of New York to a turning mark off the New Jersey coast before heading north to Newport. Once in Newport, competitors will race a two-day, inshore series with a crew of six. The combined overall winner of both stages will be the Atlantic Cup Champion. The prize purse will be $30,000, making it again one of the largest purses for sailing in the United States.

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