With no fewer than three participations in the Vendée Globe, a victory in both the Transat AG2R and the infamous Solitaire du Figaro you’d not be surprised that Kito de Pavant is one of France’s most recognisable sailors. Alongside the above he’s competed in 3 Route du Rhums (3rd in 2014 and 5th in 2017) and 10 editions of the Transat Jacques Vabre.

His Class40 #142 MADEINMIDI designed by Guillaume Verdier and built in 2014 is quick and the pair have covered thousands of miles. Expect to see Kito fighting for the podium!

  • Boat Name: MADE IN MIDI
  • Port of Registry: Sete, France
  • Builder: BG Racing
  • Designer: Guillaume Verdier
  • Year Launched: 2014
  • Source of Energy Production: Hydro-generator  

Kito de Pavant

Age: 58


Career Highlights: 3x Vendee Globe, Winner Solitaire du Figaro, 10x Transat Jacques Vabre, 3x Route du Rhum 

Personal Information

What is your name?

Kito de Pavant

How old are you?


Where did you grow up?


Did you go to University? If so, where?

Yes, but I didn’t last very long (I prefer sailing)

Describe yourself in one word.


Are you single, in a relationship or married? Do you have any children 

In relationship, 5 children 3 girls (35/32/23), 2 boys(34/33)

Environment & Kids

The Atlantic Cup has a big sustainability message, supported by Sea Bags Maine in that the event organizers try to run the race with as little impact on the planet as possible.

If you had to convince someone to do their part in protecting our oceans, what would you say to them?

Select one thing to do, and do it!

We are continuing our theme this year #AtCup1Thing where we want fans to commit to doing one thing for the planet. What’s the one thing you do to protect the planet or our oceans?

I eat seasonally and locally. 

The Atlantic Cup also has a robust Kids program supported by 11th Hour Racing, where we teach kids about offshore racing, geography and protecting the planet. We also ask the Kids pick their favorite team. Tell us why Atlantic Cup Kids should vote for your team.

Our boat will be the prettiest…


Sailing Information

For someone who doesn’t understand short-handed offshore sailing, can you explain it in less than 2 sentences?

Racing with another is extreme but less extreme than when you’re alone. We share a lot of jobs with the co-skipper

What do you think about the leg from New York to Portland?

I don’t know I’ve never sailed it! Is it cold?

How old were you when you first went sailing?


When did you get into competitive sailing?


Describe sailing to you in one word.

One word is not enough!!!!!

In what way are you superstitious before a race?

I’m not superstitious. I should be?

Number of transatlantic crossings under sail:

Probably 100

Please list some of your sailing career highlights:

  • 3 Vendée Globe
  • 3 Route du Rhum (3e 2014, 5e 2018)
  • 10 Transat Jacques Vabre (2e en 2009 et 2013, 3e en 2005, 5e  en 2017)
  • 8 Solitaire du Figaro (1er 2002, 3e 2005)
  • 5 Transat AG2R (1er 2006)
  • 8 Générali Solo (1er 2006)
  • 5 Tour Voile (1er 2003, 2e 2007)
  • 1 Barcelona World Race.
  • 1 course des Phares (2ème) Multi Orma
  • 1 Cherbourg Rimini (2ème) Multi Orma
  • Cape Horner


What is one of your goals for your sailing career?

Win the Atlantic Cup!!!!

What is your 2020 race schedule?

The Transat / Atlantic Cup / Québec St Malo /The Middle Sea Race

What are your sailing strengths?

A lot of experience

What do you see is your biggest challenge in this race?

The competition – a lot of good teams!

How do you rate your chances in the Atlantic Cup? Who do you think is the favorite?

A great chance to get the podium

Is it true that if you sleep on the offshore legs you’ll lose?

No it’s the contrary


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