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The Atlantic Cup - America's Class40 Race

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#54 Dragon Hits Rock - Inshore Racing Day 1

Top Teams #106 Gryphon Solo 2 and #116 Separated By One Point Going Into Day 2 of Inshore Racing#54 Dragon Hits Rock In First Race of the Inshore Series - Out For Remainder of Race Day 1 of inshore racing saw #54 Dragon and #106 Gryphon Solo 2 tied for first place going into the day, with Dragon stating their intention to dominate the Inshore Series. During the first leg of the first inshore race they made good on that promise, putting 200 yards on the fleet on the run to the Beavertail turning mark. Then disaster struck. Dragon grounded on a rocky outcrop just before the Beavertail mark, leaving bowman Emma Creighton hanging from the bow sprit and the boat stuck on the rocks. Quick response from the crew saw Emma safely back aboard and the spinnaker down, but the collision forced Dragon from the race with the damage leaving them unable to participate in the rest of the event. #39 Pleiad took Race 1 and with Dragon's exit from the race the door is open for Gryphon Solo 2,, and Pleiad to establish themselves as 2014 Atlantic Cup Champions.The remainder of the day saw lightening breeze and won Race 2 while also surviving a protest from Gryphon Solo 2. In Race 3, Pleiad Racing showed their light air speed and secured first place, leaving the top three boats separated by four points with two races remaining on Saturday, May 25th. Racing starts from Fort Adams at 12pm EDT. See video of Inshore Race Race 1 and Dragon's misfortune here

Current StandingsTeamLeg 1Leg 2In Shore RacesTotal Pts.12345106 – Gryphon Solo 2 10 6 3 4 427116 – JeffreyMacFarlane.com410 4 5 32639 – Pleiad 6 4 5 3 52354 – Dragon 8 8 0 0 01625 – Flatline 0 2 2 1 27