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Pleaid Racing is back for their 3rd Atlantic Cup. New to Class40 sailing in 2013, Pleaid was on a steep learning curve, however the team has continually improved year after year and it will be exciting to see what Pleiad Racing has in store for 2016!

  • Boat Name: Pleiad Racing
  • Website: Pleiad Racing Website
  • Port of Registry: Newport, RI
  • Builder: MC-Tec
  • Designer: Marc Lombard /Akilaria
  • Year Launched: 2007
  • Source of Energy Production: Solar

Ed Cesare

  • Age: 53
  • Hometown: Norwalk, CT
  • Number of Trans-Atlantics: 3
  • Are you superstitious before a race?: I’m very superstitious about hats. I’ll wear one until it feels like the karma has left it.
  • Who is your favorite sports team?: The Mets – unfortunately
  • Career Highlights: 1st - 2013 Ida Lewis Distance Race double-handed division on Pleiad; Best overall elapsed time in the 2013 Vineyard Race on Pleiad; 1st in Class – 2014 RORC Caribbean 600 on board Privateer; 1st Overall – 2013 RORC Caribbean 600 on board Privateer

Ed Cesare

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Southwestern Connecticut; first in Stamford and later in Norwalk

Did you go to University? If so, where? Connecticut College – Go Camels.  I majored in American History and met my wife Christine.

Describe yourself in one word. - Intentional

Did you or do you play any other competitive sports? I’m a sports nut – I was a three -season athlete in school – soccer, hockey and lacrosse in the Spring.  I love baseball but went 0 for Middle School and that was that.  I played varsity soccer in college and was on the sailing team.

Are you married? Do you have any children? I’ve been married to my wife Christine for nearly 27 years.  We have a son Nick who is a freshman at Gettysburg College (go Bullets)

How old were you when you first went sailing? I guess I must have been 6 or 7 –sailing on my family’s  Rhodes 19.

How did you get into competitive sailing? Really I became a competitor before I became a competitive sailor. I went through the training programs at Mystic Seaport as a teenager, rather than through the Junior Program at our local club.  I really got into racing later – in college

Describe sailing to you in one word. Holistic

In what way are you superstitious before a race? I’m very superstitious about hats.  I’ll wear one until it feels like the karma has left it.

Number of transatlantic crossings under sail: I’ve done three transatlantic races

What is one of your goals for your sailing career? To race around the Horn

What are your sailing strengths? I’ve got a lot of experience in navigation and weather, I drive well – done enough sailing to be a good all arounder.  I think my greatest strength is mental toughness.

What do you like most about being offshore? What do you like least? I love the way the whole world shrinks around a boat offshore and both the boat and her crew share a very focused existence. Least – The food.

What is your favorite sports team? The New York Mets – unfortunately

What is your favorite type of music? I have pretty eclectic tastes.  My son Nick says, “Dad you are such an inde guy”.

What is the most played song on your I-pod? Well I just checked and its says “Untie my Shoe Laces” by Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.  That doesn’t sound right, I would have guessed a CLASH song.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet? Herman Melville

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you’re offshore? Least favorite? Eggs and fried SPAM – the must have breakfast aboard Larry Huntington’s SNOW LION.  That one freeze-dried meal that I can never remember until I pour the water on it.

What is your favorite movie line? “Your Momma ain’t going to be on the bus” – Coach Boone in “Remember the Titans”

What do you do to relax during your free time? Where’s the clicker?

Do you have any hidden talents? I like to cook – I’ve spent a career in venture capital where it takes FOREVER to get stuff done.  So – I like to buy the ingredients, cook the meal, eat it and clean up – done….

Is the mental or physical aspect of the race the hardest? The hardest part of any long distance race with race tracking is the mental game.  You can’t get too high or too low when the scheds come in.

In one word describe the Atlantic Cup experience. Important

What is your biggest fear being alone on deck? Coming from the fully crewed world with very little shorthanded experience the increased level of risk is palpable.  That said – I don’t think being alone on deck is any scarier than being two up.

What does carbon neutrality mean to you? The Mission of Pleiad Racing is to market the Wellness Economy and help move the world to “Personal and Planetary Wellness” Carbon Neutrality is a part of that.  We applaud Manuka SEM for leading the way and particularly thank 11th Hour for their strong support of the event.

What is your 2014 race schedule? We will do Atlantic Cup and Bermuda Race.  After that we are contemplating Route du Rhum.  If we do not do that race, we will do Stonington to Booth Bay Harbor Ocean Race, Ida Lewis and the Vineyard.  The boat would then do the Fall Florida Races, C-600 and Voile de St. Barts.  The 2015 Atlantic Cup and Transatlantic are a definite regardless.

Who’s your co-skipper and why have you chosen him or her? Chad Corning and I will again be teaming up this coming season. We mesh really well from a skills standpoint and share the same somewhat stylized sense of humor

What do you see as the biggest challenge for this year’s Atlantic Cup? We were playing with house money last year.  It took a while to get the deal done for the boat so Chad and I left Charleston with only four hours of sailing our boat.   Now we have a season under our belts and there is more pressure to score well.  But to quote Billy Jean King, “Pressure is a privilege”.

Who do you see as your toughest competition? Uhmm….  Waiter – check – please?!

Did you learn anything from last year’s race that will change your execution in this year’s race? Yes – we’ve learned to let the pilot drive – it’s good at it!

Have you made any new improvements to your boat? We’ve painted the mast and boom and put a proper race bottom on the boat.  We will also have a 3A kite this year – this was a MAJOR hole in the inventory last year.

What’s your first major tactical decision after the start in Charleston? How obliquely to enter the Stream… to coin an adverb…. In New York? It’s just hammer down until Block Island, then: which side?

Will you play zone or man-to-man defense in this year’s race? Not sure – the book on Michael Hennessy is that you have to bump him hard off the line of scrimmage before he gets deep.

How do you decide to go around Block Island? Last year we tried to monitor observations and imagery to figure out the best wind field.  That was a …….. disappointment – any ideas?

Is it true that if you sleep on the offshore legs you’ll lose? No – not at all.  If you get tired, you make bad decisions and boat handling mistakes.  Except for Rob Windsor – he hasn’t slept since the 90s and it doesn’t seem to matter.

Because of the limited number of sails you’re allowed to carry how does sail preservation and damage figure in your strategy? Honestly – we haven’t sailed the boat hard enough yet, downwind at least, to figure that out

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Thank you to all of our sponsors, partners and supporters, without whom The Atlantic Cup would not be possible.
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