Eärendil is one of the newest boats in the fleet. She’ll be skippered by the French/Italian duo of Catherine Pourre and Pietro Luciani who recently raced together and won the Class40 division of the RORC Caribbean 600. Eärendil means ‘Lover of the Sea’ in Tolkien’s invented language of Quenya. This is Catherine’s second entry having finished second in 2016.

  • Boat Name: Eärendil
  • Port of Registry: La Trinite – Sur – Mer
  • Builder: JPS Productions
  • Designer: Sam Manuard
  • Year Launched: 2015
  • Source of Energy Production: Solar panels and engine

Catherine Pourre

  • Age: 61
  • Hometown: Boulogne Sur Mer, France
  • Number of Trans-Atlantics: 3
  • Describe yourself in one word: Audacious
  • Career Highlights:
    • 2017 Transat Jacques Vabre: 9th  
    • 2016 Transat Quebec – St Malo: 3rd  
    • 2016 Atlantic Cup: 2nd 
  • Explain short-handed offshore sailing in less than 2 sentences? Be able to run a speed machine at maximum with a minimum of effort (still a lot) and maximum of intelligence.

Pietro Luciani

  • Age: 32
  • Hometown: Venice, Italy
  • Career Highlights:
    • 6th Transat Jacques Vabre

Catherine Pourre

Where did you grow up? Boulogne Sur Mer (France)

Describe yourself in one word. Audacious

Family: Married with 3 children.  I have two sons, one is 26 and one is 24. I have a daughter as well who is 20.

What does taking care of the planet mean to you? It’s the future of our kids and theirs so we’d better take care of it.

If you had to convince someone to do their part in protecting our oceans, what would you say to them? It’s more than anything else the future of mankind with all the resources it contains.

Pietro Luciani

Where did you grow up?

Venice, Italy

Did you go to University? If so, where?

Yes, Architecture at IUAV, in Venice

Describe yourself in one word.

Easy going

Did you or do you play any other competitive sports?

Lot of them, never for long period

Are you single, in a relationship or married? Do you have any children?

Married, no children.

 Environment & Kids

The Atlantic Cup has a big sustainability message in that the event organizers try to run the race with as little impact on the planet as possible. What does taking care of the planet mean to you?

Sustainability is no more a project for the future, it is now or never.

If you had to convince someone to do their part in protecting our oceans, what would you say to them?

We have one planet, with 70% of the surface covered by water. Would you throw waste in your house pool?

Our theme this year is #AtCup1Thing where we want fans to commit to doing one thing for the planet. What’s the one thing you do to protect the planet or our oceans?

I sail on it and I give to someone who follows me racing the feeling that is not a place far away; the ocean is our back garden.

The Atlantic Cup also has a robust Kids program, where we teach kids about offshore racing, geography and protecting the planet. We also ask the Kids pick their favorite team. Tell us why Atlantic Cup Kids should vote for your team.

Because I’ll promise a tour on my small boat in Venice, along the ‘Canal Grande’. Is this legit? To buy votes?

Sailing Information

What makes you tough enough to race in the Atlantic Cup?

You get used to rough conditions, I’m not tougher than you, just more trained.

For someone who doesn’t understand short-handed offshore sailing, can you explain it in less than 2 sentences?

Try it, it’s for young and less young. It’s sailing without a specific role onboard, you do everything and you don’t sleep too much, but it’s a huge satisfaction when you sail properly your boat.

What do you think about the leg from New York to Portland?

I’m looking forward to enter and leave NY sailing. I had never been in Portland, I’m curious. The leg seems to be to have the good length.

How old were you when you first went sailing?


How did you get into competitive sailing?

I had the chance to try, and I never stopped. I must say you have to be lucky to have the good opportunities.

Describe sailing to you in one word.


In what way are you superstitious before a race?

Not to wear the t-shirt of the event before cutting the finish line

Number of transatlantic crossings under sail:


Please list some of your sailing career highlights:

2013, 1st Rolex Middle Sea Race 2Handed. 2014, 1st Italian offshore championship. 2017, 6th Transat Jacques Vabre and 2nd Class40 Championship

What is one of your goals for your sailing career?

A podium in a major solo transatlantic race, like Minitransat or Route du Rhum. This is as far as I look forward.

What is your 2018 race schedule?

Feb, Rorc600; May, Armen race (France) & Atlantic cup; June, Newport-Bermuda; July, Bermuda-Hamburg, August, Round Brit&Ireland.

How did you meet your co-skipper?

On the class40 circuit

What are the strengths of your co-skipper?

Catherine can deal with the pressure, she is used too.

What are your sailing strengths?

It’s important to be able to do a little bit of everything.

What do you like most about being offshore? What do you like least?

I like the fact that you are learning and improving all the time. Sometimes I would prefer to have a good rest in my bed instead of being wet and tired.

What is your biggest fear of being alone on deck?

To fall overboard

What makes you and your co-skipper a good team?

It’s our first race together, I’ll answer after ther arrival.

What do you see is your biggest challenge in this race?

Deal with the gulfstream and the possibility of no wind in NY

How do you rate your chances in the Atlantic Cup? Who do you think is the favorite?

I don’t know the other sailors, so I can’t tell.

Is it true that if you sleep on the offshore legs you’ll lose?

Not at all. Especially double handed; you want to be able to focus. You just have to find the good moments, when your performance are less afflicted by you sleeping.

Because of the limited number of sails you’re allowed to carry how does sail preservation and damage figure in your strategy?

You sail how you think is right and if something happen to your sails, you deal with it (possibly you repair the sail)


What is your favorite sports team?


What is your favorite type of music?


What your favorite song?

Don’t stop me now, Queen

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet?

Nelson Mandela

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you’re offshore? Least favorite?

Apples. Last favorite: what I’d like to have, but I have not onboard.

What is your favorite movie?

The Goodfellas

What do you do to relax during your free time?

I’m away from home most of the time, so I just enjoy family

Do you have any hidden talents (i.e. juggling, rock climbing, dancing, cooking)?



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