Day One of Inshore Series Kicks Off in Portland


With variable winds ranging from 7-12 knots of a north, northwesterly breeze, it was a hot match on Casco Bay as the ten boat fleet battled closely to move up the rankings in the 2018 Atlantic Cup Inshore Series. Amhas took the first race on their home while Angola Cables crossed the finish line first for race two. However, after realizing a mistake was made and a mandatory race mark was missed, the team retired from the race which resulted in a race win for Dragon. Toothface II pulled off a huge upset for the win in race three.

As the standings now stand, Eärendil remains in the lead with 68 points, but Toothface follows with a small margin of five. Amhas currently sits behind Toothface with just three more points. With such highly competitive, fast racing and 11 points for grabs in each race, we could see the leaderboard shake-up even more during the two races scheduled for tomorrow. Dock out begins again tomorrow at 10:30am for the final day of competition that will decide the Atlantic Cup champion.



Quotes From The Teams – Click to Watch

Catherine Pourre, #145 Eärendil:
“Today was really good, it went about as we expected. In fact, we had more wind than we expected. We should have done better, especially on the second course where we started early. That was a very silly thing to do. But we recovered and that was important. Toothface had an amazing day on all three courses and I think they needed this. The entire day was really fun.”


Micah Davis, #127 Amhas:
“We are just going to have to stay in the front of the fleet. We will see what the breeze is tomorrow, it sounds like it’s supposed to go a little more southerly, so, once again, a day where the weather will be up and down, the wind is a little more fluky. Hopefully, our six will be a drop and we will be tied with Toothface but we need to do well tomorrow.”



José Guilherme Caldas, #107 Angola Cables:
“We sailed very well in all the races. We had a bad start in the first race and we were last at the beginning but we finished in fifth place. In the third race we were in first for all of the race but we made a mistake with the spinnaker and one of the race marks so in the end, we finished second. We sailed very well and I was surprised myself to have such good results.”


Tristan Mougline, #128 Toothface II:
“We are excited to be battling them [Amhas]. It depends on if we get two races in. If we get two races in then that’s a throw out for them, so I look at it like we are still even. We are looking at tomorrow like a separate regatta and the focus is on beating them both races tomorrow. We don’t want to mess around with too many points, and just make sure we keep ourselves in front of them no matter what.”




Relive Day 1 Of The Inshore Series Below!

Missed the action? We were live streaming the racing on Facebook all day! Catch up on every moment by following the links below!



Inshore Race 1

Inshore Race 2

Inshore Race 3




Official Standings

The Inshore Series is often the great equalizer in the Atlantic Cup and with four teams within ten points of one another, nothing is certain. Teams must add four additional crew to race short courses around buoys and the team that can successfully manage the inshore series will often make huge gains in their overall standings. 

11 points are up for grabs in each race as there are 11 boats entered within the Atlantic Cup, meaning 1st place will be awarded 11 points, 2nd place gets 10 points and so on. Racing will continue 11-3pm on Sunday.

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