2018 Atlantic Cup light air compresses fleet




In the last 24-hours there’s been a massive consolidation in the fleet essentially causing a restart off the coast of Maryland. The last look at the fleeted showed the boats sailing north fast and furiously, divided into three strategic camps – east, center and west.  Overnight, 145- Eärendil decided to change camps and headed west across the top of the fleet, extending their lead as they settled to the center. 107- Angola Cables seemed to stretch out to the east, but the move hasn’t paid dividends yet.

The leaderboard shuffled through the night as the boats sailed into lighter breeze left by converging winds from two different weather patterns giving a chance for the boats further back to consolidate their position.  As morning arrived, 95- Talanta and 81- Esprit Scout moved up nicely into the top half the fleet.

With the winds forecasted to be light approaching New York Harbor, the sailing intensity will increase.  Full concentration is required to keep the boat’s momentum up, and constant attention to the weather gribs and current information can make the difference.  In this area of the race course, the Gulf Stream moves off to the north east and back eddies and swirls appear. A boat just a mile away can easily slip past in a hurry.

Watch the tracker overlaid with Predict Wind to get another layer of the puzzle. A wind shift of a few degrees can mix up the leaderboard instantly.


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The Latest From Onboard
Rob Windsor, #145 Amhas
“It’s changed an awful lot! It’s really kind of a pain in the *&*(. The weather files said that we should have had 20 knots of wind and we have none! Right now we’re under our solent and we’re looking at Eärendil on AIS just 3.2nm behind us. We are just trying to keep the boat going fast, we’ve got some surfing waves from behind and we then run into the northerly waves so we’re slamming a little now but it’s all to play for here!” 
Mike Hennessy, #54 Dragon Ocean Racing
Yesterday, in challenging conditions, Mike phoned in to inform the Race Management that Dragon blew up her A2 Spinnaker, costing them speed and miles. However, this morning Dragon and her crew checked in with better news, saying, “We no longer need the missing A2, only because it is blowing 2.5 from the North with gobs of shear. Good times and Dragon conditions. Although we will need about 15 hours of this to be able to close the gap in excruciating slo-mo.”
Liz Shaw O’Toole, #81 Esprit Scout
“We had a very good day yesterday coming through the heavier breeze, we caught up some miles that we lost during the first day. We’re thankful for the consolidation of the fleet but the light stuff is tough! We’re dreaming of the 20 knots with our big beautiful A3 like we had yesterday!”
Listen To The Updates From On Board!

We’ve been talking with the teams to get the inside look at what’s happening on the racecourse. Click HERE to take a listen to what they have to say! 

Question: Looking at the online tracking it appeared that First Light and Power of One were heading for an area of very low opposing current, whilst having similar wind conditions (12-16 knots from the SW) to most of the others. Am I reading the charts wrongly because their speeds have dropped to just over 1 knot and many of the others are also less than 4 knots?

Answer: From the information we have it looks as though the area First Light and Power of One are in is very light current of mixed directions, but they entered into the windless zone first, which is why their speeds dropped so much. The axis of the gulf stream does head off away from the rhumb line so there is potential for the rest of the teams to get into some strange, weird, sideways currents as they make their way towards the coastline where the currents are more favorable. However, all of the teams are entering into a convergence of systems, which will have light winds that over the next 24-hours will be generally from the south of less than 5 knots. The conditions on board will take a lot of concentration and work to eek out every knot of boat speed possible. 


Photos from Saturday’s start!

As always a massive thank you to Billy Black for capturing these terrific images from Saturday’s start!


Heading for the city that never sleeps!

Please note that the boats will be finishing and docked in Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey.

Approx May 29 Teams Arrive into New Jersey Liberty Landing Marina TBD
May 29-June 2 Boats Docked Liberty Landing Marina All Day
May 31 Kids Day Liberty Landing Marina 9a – 11a
June 1 New York Pro-Am Regatta NY Harbor 1p-4p
June 2 Leg 2 Race Start Manhattan Yacht Club 2p



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