Hey there! Welcome to the Atlantic Cup Kids Page presented by 11th Hour Racing! Here kids of all ages can meet the sailors, check out the boats, learn about the race, sailing, science, history and the natural world!

Atlantic Cup Kids presented by 11th Hour Racing has been providing on site programming to students from Charleston, SC to New York City, NY and then to Portland, ME, since 2012 and over 4,000 students have interacted with the teams and Captain Dave Rearick.


In times like these, we recognize the tremendous amount of stress on parents and teachers to keep kids engaged and learning in a remote environment.  
To help alleviate some of that stress, Atlantic Cup Kids presented by 11th Hour Racing has a variety of worksheets on marine life, barrier islands, weather and glaciers that are geared for children from age 8-13 that are easily accessible via 

In addition, Captain Dave, who has won the Atlantic Cup and sailed solo around the world will be providing his in-school lessons via video which will be published on The Atlantic Cup Kids Facebook page and Portal. We will also be posting interviews from past Atlantic Cup competitors on all things about what it’s like to sail offshore (what you eat, when you sleep, what it’s like to surf through waves).  
To access the materials, please visit We’re adding more resources as they’re created – so keep checking back. 
And if you or your students or children have questions for Captain Dave, please send them to us at and we’ll be sure to answer them in the forthcoming videos.

Portland Kids Day Presented by 11th Hour Racing

One week ago we had the pleasure of welcoming over 300 students from Portland based schools to engage with the Atlantic Cup's Kids Program presented by 11th Hour Racing! The day involved learning about marine life with @Sailors for the Sea, sustainability, the mechanics of sailing with Bainbridge International – USA and a chance to tour the Class40s and speak with their skippers! It was an awesome day enjoyed by all and our thanks again goes out to 11th Hour Racing for helping us educate over 2000 students throughout the 2018 Atlantic Cup.

Posted by The Atlantic Cup on Thursday, June 14, 2018


Take a look at photos from the 2018 Kids Days below and by clicking HERE!

AtCup Kids 2018AtCup Kids 2018AtCup Kids 2018


2 professional sailors on 40 foot race boats.


The Atlantic Cup is a sailing race up the eastern coast of the United States. The race is sailed in 3 parts on one 40-foot boat. Two sailors race on each boat for stages 1 and 2. In stage 3, the teams race with a crew of 6 people around set courses marked with buoys.


Charleston, South Carolina – June 2nd 

Jersey City, New Jersey – June 9th 

Portland, Maine – June 18th 


Charleston, SC; New York City, NY and Portland, ME


Learn about the fun and excitement of sailing, safety at sea and the environment by meeting the sailors in the race, checking out the boats and learning what it takes to race offshore. AND if you live near one of the race stop-over cities, be sure to tell your teacher or parent about ways to visit and meet the teams. To schedule a visit for 2020, please email

AtCup Kids Portal Registration

Register to download our Education Guides where you can learn some of what expert sailors know about Geography, History, Maps, Sailing Terms, Math, Ocean Ecology and Marine Wildlife! Captain Dave added new sections that include Ocean World, Wind and Weather and How Ships Sail!  as well as a NEW Education Guide to the Casco Bay Estuary – site of the Inshore Leg!

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class 40 race boat

Boat Blueprint
Boat Blueprint

What is Eco friendly sailing?

Eco friendly sailing means we do not harm Mother Nature throughout the event whether we are on land or on the ocean.

To protect the environment, Atlantic Cup sailors agree to:


Did you know?
Electronics onboard the boats require power, this power usually comes from gasoline. BUT in the Atlantic Cup, the sailors use alternative energy sources such as a hydrogenerator, fuel cell, or solar panels. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW A HYDROGENERATOR WORKS!

Kids events at the Atlantic Cup sites

We’ll be taking students on tours of the race boats and teaching them about the challenges of offshore racing. If you or your school would like to visit please click here to request more information (Charleston / New York / Portland)

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