Inshore Racing & Dock Out

Inshore Racing, May 26th & 27th

10:30am – Dock Out Ceremony: Fore Points Marina 

11:00am – Coastal Racing: Casco Bay

Watching from land?

Cheer on your favorite teams as they race in the inshore series of the Atlantic Cup! The best place to watch the racing from land will be from the Fort Allen Park.

Each morning there will be a Dock Out Ceremony held at Fore Points Marina. There will also be live commentary and announcements as the boats leave the dock to head off to the race course.

Watching from the water? 

Teams will race on a variety of courses. Stay tuned for a link to the courses.

Watching online?

You can follow all the action LIVE on our Facebook Page starting at 10:30am for the Dock Out Ceremony


Award Ceremony

Stay tuned for more details on the Awards Ceremony and how you can watch

Come watch the award ceremony where the overall winner of the 2022 Atlantic Cup will be crowned!


May 23rd / 24th  Teams Arrive in Portland Portland
May 23rd / 27th Boats Docked  Fore Points Marina
May 26th Dock Out Ceremony Fore Points Marina
May 26th Day 1 Coastal Racing Casco Bay
May 27th Dock Out Ceremony Fore Points Marina
May 27th Day 2 Coastal Racing Coastal Racing
May 27th Awards Presentation Dockside TBD



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