Hey there! Welcome to the Atlantic Cup Kids Page! Here kids of all ages can meet the sailors, check out the boats, lean about the race and also pick up all kinds of new and interesting information about sailing, science, history and the natural world!

Atlantic Cup Kids!

Captain Dave Rearick from Bodacious Dream Expeditions has put together some terrific learning worksheets for you to follow along and learn about the race and a whole lot more!

Download our Education Guides and you can learn some of what expert sailors know about Geography, History, Maps, Sailing Terms, Math, Ocean Ecology and Marine Wildlife!

Every two weeks leading up to the race, Captain Dave will be adding additional sections to our Education Guides. Download the first of those on Wind and Weather here, followed soon by sections on Ocean Ecology, New Sailing Technologies and more!


You can also like our Atlantic Cup Kids Facebook Page, where you can follow along, learn more or ask questions of Captain Dave.

And you can always contact Captain Dave directly at


Are you interested in coming to visit the boats in person and meet the teams in 2016? Curious about what happens on site? Take a look at students in Charleston, South Carolina learning all about the Atlantic Cup during the 2014 edition of the race.



2 professional sailors on 40 foot race boats.


The Atlantic Cup is a sailing race up the eastern coast of the United States. The race is sailed in 3 parts on one 40-foot boat. Two sailors race on each boat for stages 1 and 2. In stage 3, the teams race with a crew of 6 people around set courses marked with buoys.


May 23-June 11


Charleston, SC; New York City, NY and Portland, ME


Learn about the fun and excitement of sailing, safety at sea and the environment by meeting the sailors in the race, checking out the boats and learning what it takes to race offshore. AND if you live near one of the race stop-over cities, be sure to tell your teacher or parent about ways to visit and meet the teams. To schedule a visit for 2016, please email 

Map of Race

Race Map
  • LEG 1 - Charleston to NY
  • LEG 2 - NY to Portland
  • Inshore Series in Portland, Maine

class 40 race boat

Boat Blueprint
Boat Blueprint

What is Eco friendly sailing?

Eco friendly sailing means we do not harm Mother Nature throughout the event whether we are on land or on the ocean.

To protect the environment, Atlantic Cup sailors agree to:


Did you know?
Electronics onboard the boats require power, this power usually comes from gasoline. BUT in the Atlantic Cup, the sailors use alternative energy sources such as a hydrogenerator, fuel cell, or solar panels. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW A HYDROGENERATOR WORKS!

Kids events at the Atlantic Cup sites

We’ll be taking students on tours of the race boats and teaching them about the challenges of offshore racing. If you or your school would like to visit please click here to request more information (Charleston / New York / Portland)

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