What do the teams eat while offshore and how do the prepare meals?

May 12, 2013

Most teams will subsist on the wonderful and delicious bag of freeze dried for the duration of the trip.  Basically they will boil water on a jet boil boil stove and pour into the bags of food, let sit for 20 mins and voila! Mac and cheese with Chili Beef is created.  The food is not quite as bad as it might sound and there are some tricks to improve the quality.  Green Tabasco makes everything taste better and is not too spicy that it interferes with peoples “systems” (see bathroom question above).  Also, olive oil helps add to the digestion and is a good add in to the freeze-dried process.   Lastly adding slightly more water than the recipe calls for helps keep the body from becoming dehydrated as there is an awful lot of sodium and preservatives in freeze dried to keep it, well, dry.  The other option is to bring copious amounts of peanut better, which is easy to carry; incredibly delicious (in extra chunky form) and simple to eat when the weather is particularly snotty.


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  1. Anna — May 11, 2012 5:26 pm

    I’m interested in how to prepare fresh food on a sailboat while racing!

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