2013 Atlantic Cup – Day 3 Sunrise report

May 14, 2013

Well it seems like the only thing I am certain of from last night is that is did get cold.  It feels more like mid november than mid May along the east coast!

Over the course of the evening, the leading western pack seems to have held on to the breeze and have managed to extend their lead.  The duo of #118 Bodacious Dream and #90 40 Degrees have stayed in front of the main pack with Bodacious Dream holding a slight lead. They are followed by #121 Lecoq Cuisine who are seemingly getting better each day as they learn their new boat together allowing them to slip by #112 Icarus over the course of the evening despite sailing a similar course. It appears that Icarus had a slight “bobble” on the tracker last night, perhaps indicating a small issue onboard, as they had been in the leading trio but have now slipped to fourth.

The second group containing #106 Gryphon Solo, #54 Dragon and #39 Pleaid Racing, all have similar distance to sail towards NYC, but are spread across the racetrack.  Gryphon Solo has maintained their western route and have a slight lead over Dragon, who in turn has a slight lead over Pleiad Racing.  Pleaid has the most boat speed currently, but are still the most eastern boat and at some point have to turn left towards NYC.  I’m not sure if there is enough racetrack left for them to leap in front of the inside pair.

For the leaders, with just under 100 nm to sail, today will be tense as it is virtually up wind the entire rest of the way.  There is a forecast for a softening of the breeze as the day progresses and a slight left shift.  If that occurs Bodacious Dream is in a perfect spot to consolidate their lead and the duo of Lecoq Cuisine and Icarus might slip back in front of 40 Degrees.  This would also help Gryphon Solo stay ahead of the second group and would limit the chances of “dark horse” Pleaid Racing from making a move.

Ultimately I believe the podium positions will be decided within site of NYC as the tide influence as they approach the harbor may hold the key to the finish.  Low tide is around 6pm EST this evening and it is a tough approach in light air trying to get up river on an outgoing tide…


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