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French skipper Marc Dubos purchased Esprit Scout in 2016 prior to the Transat Quebec – St Malo and since then the boat hasn’t stopped sailing. Marc has competed in two Normandy Channel Races, the famous RORC Fastnet Race, Transat Jacques Vabre and will look to complete the 2018 season by racing in the RORC 600 followed by the Atlantic Cup. Due to injury Marc is unable to compete in the first leg of the Atlantic Cup but has brought race veterans Liz Shaw O’Toole and Kyle Hubley onboard!

  • Boat Name: Esprit Scout
  • Port of Registry: 
  • Builder: MC Tech
  • Designer: Marc Lombard
  • Year Launched: 2009
  • Source of Energy Production: Hydrogenerator 

Marc Dubos

Age: 55

Hometown: Le Bouscat, France

Family: Married, Four Children 

Career Highlights: Finishing the 2013 Mini Transat, and the 2016 Transat Quebec – St Malo 

Liz Shaw O'Toole

Age: 34

Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Family: Married


Kyle Hubley

Age: 28

Hometown: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada



How old are you?
Where did you grow up?
I was born in Paris, France, where I lived until I was 15, and then moved to Bordeaux, France’s 4th biggest city, not quite coastal but estuary.
Did you go to University? If so, where?
Bordeaux University
Describe yourself in one word.
Did you or do you play any other competitive sports?
I was Aquitaine regional surf boarding champion in 1995. I’m useless with a ball and bat.
Are you single, in a relationship or married?
In a relationship. I have 4 daughters.
Environment & Kids
The Atlantic Cup has a big sustainability message in that the event organizers try to run the race with as little impact on the planet as possible. What does taking care of the planet mean to you?
As a sailor I’m confronted every day by the devastation that human behaviour is wreaking on the planet. I see it in the disturbed weather patterns, I see it in the polluted seas. I can’t help but want to put a stop to it.
If you had to convince someone to do their part in protecting our oceans, what would you say to them?
Consider consuming local. The sea is awash with containers and other hazardous objects. During the Transat Jacques Vabre, Esprit Scout collided with an object that left a gaping hole in the hull. I had to pull out of the race for 3 days to repair it but it could have been the death of us.
Our theme this year is #AtCup1Thing where we want fans to commit to doing one thing for the planet. What’s the one thing you do to protect the planet or our oceans?
I cycle whenever possible.
The Atlantic Cup also has a robust Kids program, where we teach kids about offshore racing, geography and protecting the planet. We also ask the Kids pick their favourite team. Tell us why Atlantic Cup Kids should vote for your team.
Esprit Scout, which means Scout’s Spirit, is a 100% scouting project, supported by the World Organisation of Scouting Movement. We invite kids aboard at the race village, encourage young sailors, especially girls, to join our crew in races and regattas and have an active schools programme. We want to show kids that anyone can fulfil their dream. And give them the chance to do it.
Sailing Information
What makes you tough enough to race in the Atlantic Cup?
50 years experience and 35,000 miles sailing this magnificent boat.
For someone who doesn’t understand short-handed offshore sailing, can you explain it in less than 2 sentences?
Unbelievable solitude. But also the kind of togetherness that lifelong friendships are made of.
What do you think about the leg from New York to Portland?
I did it a couple of years back. You have to watch out for the fog and the lobster pots!
How old were you when you first went sailing?
When I was 6 with my dad.
How did you get into competitive sailing?
Mini650s. I dreamt of competing ever since they existed. I used to sit in class drawing endless mini650s
Describe sailing to you in one word.
In what way are you superstitious before a race?
I’m not superstitious anymore, it’s bad luck!
Number of transatlantic crossings under sail:
Please list some of your sailing career highlights
MiniTransat – 2013
Class40 2016 season, an incredible year, packed full of highlights
My first offshore regatta
What is one of your goals for your sailing career?
I never intended having a sailing career. My idea’s always been to share this incredible adventure with as many young people as possible and promote the image of sea scouting
What is your 2018 race schedule?
RORC Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race
St Pierre et Miquelon
We’re entering the Route du Rhum, which will be sailed by Jean Luc.
How did you meet your co-skipper?
I’m looking for a co-skipper and hoping to find an eager candidate amongst the local sea scouts in Carolina, the Southern states or anywhere in the USA, in fact.
What are the strengths of your co-skipper?
I’m looking for a youngster with a thirst for challenge.
What are your sailing strengths?
Resourcefulness and intuition. I can macguyver just about anything out of anything.
What do you like most about being offshore? What do you like least?
I love and respect the wild nature of the offshore environment,… zero concessions.
What I like least is the constant risk of breakage and collision.
What is your biggest fear of being alone on deck?
Losing my co-skipper. My greatest fear is of setting out with a crew, and finding myself alone.
What makes you and your co-skipper a good team?
Yet to be defined!
What do you see is your biggest challenge in this race?
Actually, the biggest challenge isn’t the race but all it takes to get to the starting line. Making contacts, finding a co-skipper, looking for sponsors, etc. Leaving your comfort zone, your family.
How do you rate your chances in the Atlantic Cup? Who do you think is the favourite?
I’ll be doing my best as always, I think I have a good chance of finishing in the first 5. Eärendil is a good favourite.
Is it true that if you sleep on the offshore legs you’ll lose?
Quite the contrary. If you don’t get enough sleep, you make yourself vulnerable to poor judgement and your decision making’s altered.
Because of the limited number of sails you’re allowed to carry how does sail preservation and damage figure in your strategy?
Like any good sailor! The right sail for the conditions.
What is your favourite sports team?
I don’t really follow any team sports.
What is your favourite type of music?
What your favourite song?
Nina Simone’s Ain’t Got No, I Got Life
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet?
Lord Baden Powell
What’s your favourite thing to eat when you’re offshore? Least favourite?
A very dark, smooth chocolate hits the spot every time. Least favourite, whatever’s left when all the good stuff’s been eaten!
What is your favourite movie line?
“ET phone home!”
What do you do to relax during your free time?
I hang out on the sofa snoring in front of a good sci-fi film.
Do you have any hidden talents (i.e. juggling, rock climbing, dancing, cooking)?
Too many to mention….!!
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